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Capsule Wars is about friendship and fun! Even when you're shooting each other!

Do you want to chill out with your friends and relieve yourself from the competitive burden a bit? Capsule Wars is the answer!

Capsule Wars is a fast and highly mobile Multiplayer FPS game focused on fun and fun only. Enjoy!

The game is being released on Early Access for now, so some bugs and errors may occur. If you face any problem, please contact us on busy.weasel.games@gmail.com with the details.

This will be incredibly helpful and will make Capsule Wars a better game.

The game began small, aiming only at small sessions with my own friends, but then a personal video on YouTube reached so much attention and love, that pushed me to improve this game more and more until I finally decided to release it to the public.

But only will and passion don't make a game, unfortunately. Developing a game demands money and time, and a lot of it. To try to mitigate this a bit, I came up with the idea of setting milestones, similar to a Kickstart campaign.

To keep it simple, I'll set some sales goals. When a goal is reached, I'll be developing new things and features for the game, to make it better and better.

Last update: 01/11/2021     





Whether you've donated or not, I want to give you an enormous thank you!

Milestone 01: Thank you so much! The first milestone was reached! The next map will be in the next update I'm already working on. Beyond the new map, the next update will be shipped with a lot of goodies. Stay tuned to my Instagram and Twitter to keep updated.

To play Capsule Wars is fast and easy:

  1. Download the Capsule Wars.zip file from Itch.io
  2. Consider supporting us by paying any amount that sounds fair to you
  3. Extract all the files to the same directory
  4. Open the Capsule Wars executable file to play
If you are using Linux and is experiencing problems with the audio, please try running the game as a regular user, instead of sudo/super/administrator.

Unfortunately, as we can't afford to have a dedicated server, there are some limitations on how to host a game online. For now, there is nothing we can do about it unless guide you through the steps needed.

With your support, we may be able to overcome this limitation and make it easy for everyone to host a game. Read the Milestones section to know more about how we can make this happen together.

To have fun with your friends playing Capsule Wars, someone will need to be hosting a match. The game is playable both in a local network or via the Internet.

For security reasons, you should not give your IP Addresses, local or public, to any person you don't know.

  1. Click the "Host" button
  2. Insert your username
  3. Click "Host"
  4. Done! Give your local IP Address to your friends who will be playing with you, and wait for them to join.

While playing in a local network is pretty straightforward, hosting a game via the Internet is a bit more troublesome. For now, there are two ways to host a game online: 1. Via port-forward; 2. With a device compatible with UPnP.  Check below the steps needed for both methods:

- With a device compatible with UPnP:

While using this method, a security warn may appear. This is expected, as the application will try to access some settings in your router.
  1. Click the "Host" button
  2. Insert your username
  3. Make sure the UPnP button is checked "ON"
  4. Click the "Host" button

You should be taken to the Lobby in most cases. If you don't, probably your router/modem is either not compatible with UPnP or has it disabled. In this case, try to access your device's settings page and enable UPnP (Universal Plug'n'Play).

- Via port-forward:

In case you don't have a device compatible with UPnP, then your only choice is to port-forward. Although this procedure changes for each device, the steps below should help you:

  1. Open your web browser
  2. Insert your router/modem's IP address into the address bar
  3. Insert the username and password to access your device's configuration
  4. Access your port-forward settings. It is usually located in the Advanced or Local Network sections
  5. Add a new port-forward with the following:
    1. Name: Just an identifier, type anything you want
    2. Port: Type 23571 in both minimum and max port range fields
    3. Protocol: Select UDP
    4. Internal IP Address: Type your local IP Address

With one of these steps, you should be able to host a game with no problems. Have a good game and thank you for your understanding.

Join a game is fast and easy, but you will need the Public IP Address of your friend that is hosting the game. You should be playing in no time following the steps below:

  1. Click the "Join" button
  2. Type your username
  3. Type your friend's Public IP
  4. Click "Join"

How much do you like this game? Found it fun to play? Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts, I'd really appreciate it. And if you want to support me to continue making games, and want this game to evolve, consider paying something for this game, any value will help immensely! Check the Milestones section if you want to know more. Thank you.

If you want to know more about me and Busy Weasel Games, consider following me on social media: 





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Capsule Wars 0.1.3-alpha (Windows).zip 47 MB
Capsule Wars 0.1.3-alpha (Mac).zip 59 MB
Capsule Wars 0.1.3-alpha (Linux).zip 47 MB

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game not work on mac os please fix that :(


VAI BRASIL! ainda não joguei o jogo, mas sei que deve tar incrível, porque o desenvolvedor dele é foda bagarai, então parabéns aos envolvidos.

Great game bro! You rock!


I had a blast playing this with friends!

11/10 would shoot Flames in the back again <3

Thanks for your comment!


nice game

Thanks for your comment! It's nice to hear that you've liked it.



Ok I really like this game BUT .... Capsule Wars more like BEAN WARS am I right.

Thanks for being the first to comment!

Haha indeed, they're looking more like beans than capsules right now, but this will change when skins arrive in the game.

Did you play the game with your friends? Please, tell me how it was.


(1 edit) (+1)

I personally I'm not a gamer so I can not criticize so much. The  modeling is better what I'd ever do.The transition to the sprinting animation is a little janky. The game play I can not say because I don't have friends, Sorry to let you down about your question, but I'll try to shed some light on your game.

Cheers !

No problems at all! Your feedback was already extremely valuable.